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Part of Me Loves George Will

June 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
I am neither Liberal nor Conservative, being very comfortable as a Kindly Curmudgeon, registered to vote as an Obnoxious Independent, where such is allowed (still waiting). But I love George Will. Firmly stanced in the Conservative column, George brings more common sense and dignified opinions to the page than anyone I know. Brief digression: the last dignified Conservative in my [feeble] memory is Elliot Richardson (d. 1999) who, you may remember, essentially told President Nixon to crawl off and die when Nixon demanded that he (as Attorney General) fire Archibald Cox. Richardson resigned rather than fire Cox, as did his successor, William Ruckelshaus. Back to George Will. George and his son Jon (there are other children) are baseball nuts after my own heart. Enough of all that. In his column yesterday (Jan 6, 2013), Will wrote about how Immigration established a taproot (my take) in the U.S. with The Homestead Act, and mentioned the national monument and grounds just outside of Beatrice (he didn't note that Beatrice is in Nebraska). But the line that got me--one or another usually does--was his stating that two United States Institutions should never be subject to budget cuts "for all eternity" and those Institutions are the National Park Service and the U.S. Marine Band. It's his adding the band that is ever so slightly off center, but it points to wit, which he has in abundance, to the impoverishment of most of the rest of the Conservative camp. You go, George!


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